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The Schmeckthal Group:

To move everything!
Your partner in bearing technology, motion drive technology,
personal work protection and industrial supplies.

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10 good reasons

1. Focus on the customer
  1. You basically may have little or nothing in common with our other customers. This holds true since you are active in a different branch, have different associates, individual needs and special problems. We therefore will treat you as an individual partner with unique solution requests. For us you always are in the focus, our action will be driven by your real needs.
2. Always reachable
  1. You can reach us around the clock. Through our 24h-hotline we are always reachable to be able to promptly help you at any given point in time. Through this number you directly reach out to a member of the company’s management, not to a helpdesk or call-center. With us competent assistance is always for certain.
3. Regular contacts for problem solving
  1. You cannot afford to loose precious time. Therefore our competent specialized personnel will solve your problems promptly and without long decision channels. You will receive prompt advice, whether it is on the phone or locally at your place. Therefore you will have regular contact persons, who will be familiar with your company and your applications. We will give you our undivided attention and can help you at any time with optimal solutions.
4. Short decision channels
  1. If you urgently need a spare part or technical assistance there are no long and complicated decision channels with us. We commit our resources to the requirements of our customers. Through this we can at any time guarantee a prompt availability of materials or on site personnel and will help you to reduce your machine downtime while you can concentrate on the essential aspects of your work duties.
5. Competent specialized personnel
  1. If you have a technical problem, you don’t want to wait for the solution for eternities. Therefore our associates are trained on all products and possible customer requirements. On our team several engineers, specialists and technicians permanently search for solutions.
6. Upfront technical advice
  1. You can’t really afford to have problems since a bottleneck in one area of your production can have dramatic consequences on the overall production flow and output. We therefore do not only help you with solving imminent problems, but also will assist you in making sure these problems do not arise in the first place. We can advise you on new construction design works and on the selection and specification of suitable products. Through this upfront input we will help you avoid problems down the road.
7. International service
  1. We are organized on an international basis to be able to offer you our services globally. We are in contact with a multitude of foreign partners – manufacturers and logistic providers. This way we can not only supply you with products globally, but also offer help and support everywhere on short term basis.
8. Standardisation
  1. Expensive custom-build components produced in special production runs generate very high costs. Not only the high initial purchase price, but also high inventory levels, large minimum ordering quantities and long delivery times add to the bill. Often these costs can be largely reduced through the use of alternate products. We therefore will thrive to standardize your product portfolio and through this help you lower your expenditures.
9. Quality
  1. You supply quality products to your customers and also expect this from your suppliers. Based on your requirements, we always supply you with the quality that you need. This holds true for the products that we deliver, the services that we render as well as for our internal work procedures. To emphasize this we take on external audits on a regular basis – we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002.
10. Special parts
  1. You often have applications where you cannot reach your goals with classical solutions. Perhaps you then need a component that does not exist as such. We will look for a solution to your problem. Whether it concerns seals, bearings, motion drive elements or other products - we have the experience and the necessary contacts that allow us to have special parts produced for you according to your specific needs.


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WVW Wälzlager-Vertrieb Wiesbaden GmbH
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LAT & SGF Wälzlager- und Industriebedarfs- GmbH
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Business hours

Sites in Wiesbaden und Wirges

  • Monday - Thursday:
    07:30 - 17:00 o’clock
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Ball bearing seminar

WVW with FAG Industrial Services

Ball bearing seminar - WVW with FAG Industrial Services - WVW Wälzlager-Vertrieb Wiesbaden GmbH / Mainz-Kastel The 2 day practical training on ball bearings that we organize together with FAG Industrial Services imparts in a theoretical und in a practical portion special knowledge.

Adhesive bonding seminar

Correct bonding requires high professional skills.

Adhesive bonding seminar - Correct bonding requires high professional skills. - WVW Wälzlager-Vertrieb Wiesbaden GmbH / Mainz-Kastel A one day training on adhesive bonding technologies organized together with LOCTITE in the Kurhaus of Wiesbaden/Germany.

Press release

Innovation Award Technical Trade 2009

Press release - Innovation Award Technical Trade 2009 - WVW Wälzlager-Vertrieb Wiesbaden GmbH / Mainz-Kastel The Technical Trade is one of Germany's innovative industry sectors. The competition for the “Innovation Award Technical Trade”, organized this year for the 6th time already, testifies to this.
The pround winner is the Schmeckthal-Group.